HELP - Disk Full

Hello Hi, I just joined this forum. am not an expert in SUSE/Linux. Hopefully by joining this community I could learn and share stuff with all members.

The problem I am having is that I experienced a full disk (0 % space available) of my mail server (SLES 11). After some researches I found out that a file named “.xsession-errors” has been growing very fast in the last few days (I check the disk space using df -h almost everyday to make sure disk space is sufficient). Just today the file size became 1.4TB! Growing from some hundreds of MB in the last few days. So what I did to solve the problem was delete the file using rm command, then the file was gone … but then comes the problem; I checked the disk space helas the disk space still 0%. Tried to check whether the file was moved to Trash folder or tmp folder, but it’s not there.

Another problem aroused, now I can’t do anything as the consequence of the disk full, I can’t even restart the server, also the screen becomes blank/black

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Unfortunately you have posted is the openSUSE forums, you need to be over at for SLES, same username/password.

A few remarks.

These here are the openSUSE forums, not the SLES/SLED forums. They are at (same username/password as here.

Nevertheless it is possible that help comes forward here. After all “disk full” is something that can happen on all Unix/Linux systems.

To begin with, I have no doubt that your conclusion about 0% available space on some (the / file system?) is based on something. But we love to see what you see. Thus please show


You were looking into the .xsession file, but that one is of a normal user. The fact that you are 100% full means probably that it is not a normal user, but root owned file(s) that filled the system because in the normal case 5% is kept free when normal users grow out of proportion. Also normal users are (at least in openSUSE) normally on a seperate /home partition and thus can not fill the / partition. That may be different on SLES, but as long as we have not real data (the df mentioned above) we can not say much.

The fact that you can not even boot the system means most probably that there is indeed null space on the root partition. That can only be repaired by booting in a rescue system (any system on a DVD or USB device, e.g. the installation medium).

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