Help connecting

I have Open Suse 11 installed but have no idea how to setup my internet connection. Use a DSL modem.
Need step by step instructions.

Sorry, can’t help much here, I still use Dial-up>:(.
I think you goto YaSt= network devices= dsl

Sorry, That’s all I know:
(YaSt still has not straightened up)

That’s OK thanks for the response, hopefully it will come, if not there is always XP, which is where I am now.

How do you connect to the dsl modem ? ethernet or wireless ? make & model of modem as well please


Connect via ethernet card and modem is Comtrend CT-301
provided by ISP

Things to try:-
1 ) ethernet card set to dhcp
2 ) log in to your modem & check it’s config page.
3 ) do you have a static ip address from your isp ?
from doing a bit of research, as long as your ethernet card is working & the modem is set up correctly, you should be able to get internet


According to this: Is there a web interface for the Comtrend 301 modem? Canadian Broadband FAQ - your modem is in fact a modem/router. Even if you don’t want to enable the web control panel in the modem, you should be able to connect by asking for a DHCP address from it. No need to set up DSL software on Linux, that’s handled by the modem/router.

Look at your XP network setup. You will probably find that it’s simply set to get an address by DHCP, the default.