Help Configuring Auto Eth0 and wireless

Hey guys, I’m very new to Linux. I have Ubuntu installed as a dual-boot under vista home premium, but am looking for the best distro with the most high quality networking abilities. So I’ve burned a live iso of openSuse 11 and love it…just one problem…no internet connection. It says under network settings thatmy BCM4306 802.11b/g wireless LAN controller is not connected…likewise ith my ethernet LAN connection. Tried going into NetWork Manager, but when I attempt to put in my MAC address, the ACCEPT button greys out. It ony allows me to input my SSID…I’m thinking I need a driver. If so, anyone know which one and where I could look to find it; that way I could transfer it using a USB. If I can get internet connection, I’m either replacing XP with openSUSE (I love it!)…or, if posible, I’d like to perform a dual boot. As a second question…is a dual boot of openSUSE possible…or would I be better off just installing it over XP completely…and if I do that, will I have any problems reinstalling XP Home? Thanks in advance…I just started getting into Linux about a week ago, and I’m blown out of my mind by this stuff. Why ayone would purchase MS Vista over just installing Ubuntu is beyond me…to a point.

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