Help Compiling Dogtail (similar to applescript)

I couldn’t find any documentation on putting dogtail on OpenSUSE.

dogtail: taking your application for a walk

11.0 already meets most of the requirements. I was able to find another in main repos. These two

ElementTree for Python (

pyspi - Python AT-SPI bindings.([pyspi] Index of /](

:confused:I don’t know how to compile these things or

Dogtail source here.

Thanks for any advice.

at-spi has the at-spi-python packages in it. The spec file states, “FIXME: split these off into a separate -python package”. I can’t find elementtree, yet. And I’m in the middle of building a dogtail package on the build service.

Here’s dogtail this is the same version that is shipped with Fedora 9. There might be a dependency to libbonoboui or libbonobo. Let me know if you have a dependency problem or something doesn’t work.