Help compiliing libxine-java

Has anyone compiled libxine-java (Java bindings for libxine) on Suse 11 (kde 4)?
It fails for me due to dependency problems with the freetype2 package containing subpixel hinting. I told Yast to ignore and tried to carry on, but now I get errors during make.


I’m the developer of libxine-java and just happend to find your posting using google. why not use the libxine-java-devel list? (so I have a chance to reply… :slight_smile:

Another user had problems compiling/running libxine-java on opensuse 11. In the meantime, we have fixed the problems and it should compile now cleanly. I’ve also released libxine-java 0.7 recently which includes all fixed.

Can to try the latest version and report any problems with ./configure and make?