Help! Can't login...


When I try and login at the main login in prompt after boot, it just returns me back to the prompt again.

If I login as root it’s fine… I must have screwed up my account or something. It was working perfectly up to that point.

OpenSuse: 11.3 Kde: Latest


11.3 - are you sure??

You can get that symptom when the hard drive is full. If you had an errant processing running that generated a zillion error messages, its credible that /var/log/messages is dozens (indeed hundreds) of gigabytes in size.

Login to run level 3, and check how much space is left in / (root) and /home.

That was the exact problem! Thanks so much oldcpu!! I logged in as root and ran kdirstat (very hand tool). There were a few massive log files in /var/log. I don’t know how they got to be so big… anyhoo, works now :slight_smile:


For some reason this keeps happening. The following files are absolutely enormous:


I have emptied the files and checked them after a reboot. It has huge bzip2 backups of the files too. There is nothing out of the ordinary in them. It couldn’t connect to a printer and complains about that for a couple of pages :slight_smile: The pk-backend file is full of stuff, don’t know what that’s trying to do. I expect is has something to do with automatic updates. I am considering adding a script to the kde startup folder to empty those files after boot. The computer is working perfectly so I don’t know where this is coming from.

OpenSuse: 11.2 KDE: 4.3.1 (Release 6)

Anyone have this problem?


You need to look inside the log message file (read the text), to see what process is causing the log to fill.

In my case (where this happened to me) it was a bad print job. I had to go to my print manager control and delete the failed job from the print queue.

That was the exact problem. I sent a job to the printer ages ago, and it was still trying to print it. I don’t even remember printing it! I changed the settings in Yast so that it discards jobs it can’t print. Hopefully, now it won’t do that in future.

Thanks again oldcpu