help! can't install anything in YaST! ask's for cd?!?

i am brand new to open suse linux , and help would be much appreciated!

i am having trouble with downloading things such as cenilerra, curio dock, and basicly anything! i know that you use YaST, but how?

please help me! i dont know what to do!

it opens up yast and then asks for some cd with root or something? i dont have the cd, is there away around this?

suse desktop 11.1
duel boot with xp(ickk)

did you install 32bit or 64bit?

out of interest, how did you install if not from CD or DVD?

Do you have an internet connection?

If you do, I would think you had better activate some repositories; virtual storage out on the internet, for you to download packages from:

if you open YaST: select the Software section; clikc on Software Repositories: click on bottom left ADD button: select at the top of the page that opens COmmunity repositories: oldcpu recommends four only: OSS, non-OSS, Update and Packman)

see post #12

Does Dependency Hell Still Exist? - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

if you allow those links to update; you can then click on the FINISH button at the bottom right, and then open Software Management, and select what you want to start installing?

let us know if this is any help

In addition. Go to Yast Software repositories and disable the cd/dvd media in the list:
In this example the cd/dvd repo is the 3rd up from the bottom](

well my dad’s friend installed for me on his cd, an i dont have acess to that anyomre. i do have a very fast internet connection, but i really dont know the passowrd for root? is there a way around this? the root that is :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

No, you cannot perform system wide tasks (like installing Software) without administrative privileges.

Ask the person who installed the system for the password.

Umm. Is this your PC? Someone must know the password
I suggest you download an install DVD for openSUSE and install again - If this is your PC

yes, it is my pc. i now have the password for root, but it still asks for the install cd 1? do you have to put in the cd for every single download?

If you have cd as the example in post 3 then disable it…
Package Repositories - openSUSE
Click OSS, Non-Oss, and Update if you don’t already have them.
And just Packman from here
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

So when you have those 4 and just those 4 you should find searching in yast will find most packages/apps/progams you’ll need… Until a little further forward do not add any more.
When you feel you can, think very carefully, even if you really need to add one it is highly unlikely you’ll need it enabled beyond the once off.(There is a couple of exceptions like wireless and graphics)

If you stick to just those 4 to begin with you should encounter very few if any problems. Many problems occur by people enabling this and that repositories.

Absolutely correct and a very good advise you should really stick to.


Somehow this “have those 4 and just those 4” reminded me a little of this here: :slight_smile:

OK, it’s more about “3”, but still one can perhaps try to rewrite this sketch “YaST-Repo style”, goes something like this:

"Four is the number thouw shalt include in your YaST, and four is thy number, thouw shalt stick to.

Neither shalt thouw include three, unless you move further to got to four, nor shalt though count to five …



DiSable the CD / DVD in the repo list as I said earlier… help! can’t install anything in YaST! ask’s for cd?!? - openSUSE Forums

thanks guys, i figured it out :slight_smile: my paretns gave me the password, and i took out the repo of the cd, so now it doesnt ask for it :slight_smile:
thanks again!

i faced the same problem… i installed my OS using a Pendrive.
so the problem was i required my pendrive to be plugged in everytime i wanted to install some software say “flash player” for example…
i followed the steps in the thread and at one point of time i had the summary of recorded locations( i dont know if im sayin it right)…
there i disabled the location of my installation media.

pretty **** easy… i lost 2 days to figure it out