help building this app

hello every one i’m trying to build Insight debugger 6.8-1 from source code

but i’m having some problems during the make stage

here’s a link to std_error file (make 2> std_error.txt)
that shows the output of the make error’s

and also a link to make std_out (make > std_out.txt)

my kennel ver

ok every i know it’s hard to look through those text file i post

but can someone build on his system and tell me how it goes …???

you can download the source from here

Download Insight

Try installing the RPM from OBS first… Search Results

If you’re running on a different version of openSUSE, do a re-search from that page set for your release.


i don’t know but won’t recommend this this distributions “cross-avr-insight” it seems used by the electronics co avr

any way it seems that insight problem is well known in other Linux distributions

For unknown reasons, the Insight debugger , was dropped from the Ubuntu 10.4 package. Further, an Insight package is not to be found on any of the standard repositories that Ubuntu 10.4 Synaptic knows about, and I haven’t been able to get any Insight packages from other sources to work.

any way right know i’m following a guide to install it from a custom distribution

thanks for help and i will keep you informed