help building compatible system

so basically my old machine is done. won’t even pass POST. let alone get me to the BIOS.

so i’ve been doing some shopping and i’ve come up with some hardware questions.

proposed machine:

Asus P5 deluxe (crossfire)
4GB G-SKill
Dlink G520 (atheros wireless card already owned)
PCI firewire card (VIA 6000 series chipset)

what sort of HW issues would i run into? my main worry is a well supported mobo.

is it alright to go ATI yet? i have an X700xt that isn’t well supported as is. don’t want to deal with the hassles of returns due to purchasing mistakes.

any hope for my wifi card?

have read here
Hardware - openSUSE

the HCL has very little info on opensuse 11. am i to expect things to work if it worked in a prior release?

what worked in 10.3 is likely to have good results in 11
my 11 install picked everything up much better than 10.3

but to some extent it’s ‘take the bull by the horns’

I would say you could expect some issues going from your list
Just call it intuition

But if you really can’t get suse working, just try another distro.

This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. We have thousands of openSUSE-11.0 users now, and the vast majority of them will not take the time to update that HCL.

One thing you could do (and should do) is ensure your selected hardware is NOT on this Linux incompatibility list: Linux Incompatibility List

One thing I have usually had to do with the Asus MB’s I use is to flash the BIOS with the latest version. Currently running M2N-LR with Opteron 1220. Just bought the board 4 months ago. There were 3 updates from what came with the board. Updating fixed three or four issues.