Help: Broadcom wifi driver

I have a Dell studio 15 laptop… when I searched in google, i got a link which says broadcom has released the wifi driver and I downloaded it. here is the path

Broadcom Corporation - Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA driver

but I don’t know how to install it… plz help …

Read the Readme on the URL you posted.
It constains detailed installation instructions.

I tried but I’m not able to build it… i created a directory in /usr called broad, unzipped the file to that directory and ran the make command

make -C /lib/modules/ M=pwd
make: Entering directory /usr/src/linux-' make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. make: Leaving directory /usr/src/linux-’


I have broadcom-wl ( installed in my system…still it was not working…

okay… I updated my broadcomwl … now my wifi light is up… now I need to create a wifi network… how do I search for networks in range??

If you want to do it graphically you’ll need to use the network manager in KDE or Gnome (it’s loaded in the systray automatically when you set the network configuration in Yast to use it instead of the traditional ifup).

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