[Help] Black Screen After Logging out in Intrepid

My Graphic Card is NVidia Quando NVS 140M

When logging out or “Ctrl+Alt+Backspace”,
it turns to black screen in intrepid.

Shutting down or reboot is ok.

Is anything wrong with the xorg or the nvidia driver?
Does someone know how to fix it?

Hmm, methinks you are on about Ubuntu ? Haven’t used it in a while ( say 3 years ), but, do you get a flashing cursor at the top-left of the screem when doing ctrl-alt-backspace ? If so, your driver is incorrectly configured & you need to reconfigure it. I can’t remember how it’s done in Ubuntu,but, someone else will know


I am using the latest opensuse 11.1 with the stable nvidia driver 178.82.
and it seems like not only me have this problem…

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