Help Ati Catalyst 11.2 on Opensuse 11.4

Ok so I think i found out what was crashing my computer my Graphic card every time i start a game the computer goes down. I have a Ati Radeon 5570.
Desktop Effects: Disabled
System Info: 2d: fglrx 3d: ati
I downloaded the Ati Drivers from the website after installing the Open Source not sure if that is causing a problem. Here are the steps i took.
su -
UNSUPPORTED=“yes” sh ./ --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE-autodetection
zypper in fglrx*
aticonfig --initial
Can anyone help me? It will crash whenever i start a game and randomly when i run youtube VLC etc… :’(
Edit: Should i uninstall all opensource/ati and start over and if thats the case whats the best approach to this?

I do not trust these drivers because they are problematic.

For Jerry421, further to stamostolias post, if you read up as to what Linux versions those drivers support, you will read that AMD do NOT claim they support openSUSE 11.4. ATI does claim they support openSUSE 11.3. Now those drivers work with some AMD hardware on openSUSE-11.4 but not with all.

[Fixed] To my eyes Movies/Games Crashing and causing computer lock up meant Graphics but to my surprise it was something simple I overlooked, My audio was set wrong due to me being a :X. I had Phonon>Backend Set to VLC instead of stock GStreamer. Switched it back and now the crashing has stopped.

Thank you oldcpu for indicate of confidence!!!;):slight_smile:

Glad to read that problem fixed.:slight_smile: