Help and advices setting up Steam

Hi guys

today I wanted to test Steam on my machine to see the performance of native linux games in openSuSE . I installed the application with the 1-click installer and then I tried to open it (clicking its icon and typing in terminal steam) but nothing was happening. After a while, searching in the forum, I finally made it:

xhost +; steam

the Steam client opened up and everything went almost fine. Then as always I began to mess with the cli, entering stuff like:

xhost +; primusrun steam

and changing with this and the previous code line alternatively the command associated with the Steam icon in the Lancelot launcher. Nothing weird captured my attention. Then I discovered that typing steam or primusrun steam in Konsole worked just fine. So my question is: using the xhost thing more than once may have compromised my system? Obviously I changed soon after the command related to the Steam icon in Lancelot with primusrun steam.

Let’s get to the core: performance! Apart some bugs-hangs in BigPicture mode, I tested my “fresh” Steam installation with a classic: *DukeNukem3D:MegatonEdition *(a masterpiece:cool:).The first run was kind of “slow”, unresponsive sometimes, and after a while froze. Then I launched again the game but with a *primusrun steam *command and disabling desktop effects (Alt+Shift+F12): everything went way smoother but now and then I got random “microfreezes” (the screen stops for a second more or less but the sound goes on without any hang) but none of them was too compromising to enjoy the game. What can I do to avoid this?

That’s all I can say for now. I’m going to test other games, maybe “graphics-heavier”, to see how far I can get enjoying native gaming in openSuSE. As far as I am now I’m pretty satisfied though. Do you have any hints or tips about Steam not expressly related to my issues? Please share them with me, otherwise I can’t fulfill my thirst for knowledge:nerd:

Basically if you’re looking for performance Steam on Linux can’t really compete with Windows even on steam machines :
Having said that though the Linux performance might be good enough for you and the games you want to play. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the xhost + command since I honestly don’t know what it does exactly.

Steam for Linux is actually not that bad. In some instances it outperforms Steam for Windows.
Take a look at this Some Early Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux Vulkan Tests With NVIDIA Graphics - Phoronix

Actually it all depends on the game and if it uses DX9, DX11 or DX12 on Windows.

Use optirun instead of primusrun. I am using optirun and for me it’s more stable and also faster as primusrun. So my command to launch steam or games is:

LD_PRELOAD="" __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 optirun  /usr/bin/steam %U