Hello, Zenity + crontab

Hello, I’m new in this forum.
I’m a teacher in Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). In my school we use opensuse 11.1 (a distribution called Linkat).

I’ve been trying to configure a pop up window with zenity remembering the shutdown time five minutes before. I’ve doned the script and works fine in shell, but not when I assign the task in crontab.

I’ve found this solution:
Linux etc. » Blog Archive » Running X apps (like zenity) from crontab (solving “cannot open display” problem)

But it dosen’t work.

What can I do? Is it possible to do what I want?



Could you please post the script file you are trying to run so we could test it out? This might help get to the bottom of your issue. I normally go into the advanced message editor, copy and paste the script contents into a message here, highlight only the script text and press the code button (shown as the # in the editor). This allows the script to be posted unmodified and it is more readable.

Thank You,