Hello, SuSE.

Hello guys. I’m completely new to SuSE to start with.
I would like to know some tips, tricks and other interesting stuff. For example.

I wanted to check out the leopard look(i like the mac look, curse me if you want.) but i have no idea how it install that thing. unzipped it, but i had no access to the usr/share/themes/ . I checked the folder properties and the owner was root. Well i am root a.k.a administrator, i can’t explain it. Please help with that. Also … if some1 could help me, I already picked gnome desktop, My question is: Is there a way to switch to KDE, i guess its better. And the last thing. I really want my suse … to look good. Can you give some links to desktop previews and explanations of how to get it.

Thank you all. Just to let you know … I’m ready to dip in SuSE and never come out :slight_smile:

I already picked gnome desktop, My question is: Is there a way to switch to KDE
just go to Yast->Software management and on the top left side of panel choose “patern search” or something similar then just roll down to find kde and install it. After that you must logout and login.

I really want my suse … to look good
You may want to check compiz fusion, if you don’t have suse 11.1 check Compiz Fusion » Welcome otherwise it is already installed by default I guess, just search for it, don’t remember where exactly it resides, you may try to run


from konsole. Good luck

Thanks a lot, Im writing the response from a school computer… ill check later

Im using the newest one btw… 11.1 Open SuSE

You can install a theme easily by one of these ways:

  1. Get a theme from gnome-looks.org, unzip it and put the unzipped folder in /home/username/.themes

Its a hidden folder. If the folder is not there by default, create it.

Once done select the new theme in Appearance Preferences (Control Center → Appearance)

  1. Open Appearance Preferences as said above and just drag and drop the theme zip file over it. (dont unzip).

It’ll ask you whether to keep the current theme or apply the new one.

The same above procedures apply to icon themes as well.

I recommend this mac theme: Mac4Lin Leopard GTK Metacity Theme GNOME-Look.org

To get mac like bottom dock try Cairo Dock.

Just install cairo-dock and cairo-dock-themes in YaST and run “cairo-dock”. Select macosx theme in it.

For a step by step OSX theming for Gnome see this: Turn Your Ubuntu Hardy to Mac OSX Leopard - Make Tech Easier

Its written for Ubuntu but should work perfectly on opensuse as well. If you get any problems ask here.

And keep in mind that you can make Gnome awefully beautiful. No need of migrating to KDE just for looks.

What’s better though ? I see youre into opensuse … what do you personally prefer?

Ok … i more question, I dont think my video card is that advanced even though my latop was like 1k and i just bought it, but When i go to desktop efects aka compiz default or whatever… i cannot enable them It says i dont have the hardware / configuration to do it… Can you please help me?

Thank you so much

freedguy …

“this theme will not look like as inteded because the required GTK+ theme is not installed.” When I click on install.

“Method “Install Provide File” with signature “s” on interface “org.freedesktop.PackageKit” doesn’t exist”

This is the error message, The theme partially installes but the mac part of it does. Any suggestions ?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem :\ …

anybody can help please ??

I figured it out. What you basically need to do is just, reinstsall the desktop(GNOME) repositories from YaST2, then simply install the theme again.

Good Luck.