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Hi to all,

A puzzled penguin saying hi to the openSUSE community. I am using openSUSE 11.2 and I am really impress. It’s pretty, fast and looks stable on my desktop. I hope one day, whatever I have taken from the food storage here for my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will be able to share it to others if given a good harvest.


Welcome to openSUSE and its forums ! :slight_smile: Glad to hear of your good experience with it.

Some things you may want to have a look at:

openSUSE Community - Restricted Formats - Install support for restricted file formats like MPEG, MP3, etc.

Software.opensuse.org - Search - Search for software for openSUSE.

openSUSE - Concepts


Welcome to the community.

I agree 11.2 is very impressive.


welcome…but, you don’t have to restock the shelves…you could
instead sweep, paint, etc etc etc…


Hi to all.

To brownieCat,
Thanks for the links, that is good, I am always in the forum search all this time for stuffs I need during and after installation of openSUSE 11.2

To Barry_Nichols,
Thanks for the welcome.

To palladium,
Thanks, I will consider your suggestion, maybe tidy-up is good.:slight_smile:


Hello, I’m new here too, happy to get here.:slight_smile:

Welcome both to openSUSE distro, community and forum.

Enjoy your stay in forum and have a lot of fun.

I may say that 11.2 is utterly the best distro at this very moment.

While 11.1 has it’s (many) problems, Ubuntu Jaunty gained it’s ground. Now, with 11.2 rock-solid, beautiful and totally functional, it begins to gain ground as tables turned and now Koala is full of problems.

Welcome to both.


Welcome to openSUSE, I’m sure you’ll “have a lot of fun…”

As I’m sure you’ve noticed the forums are very helpful, so don’t
hesitate to ask about any problems you may have, after searching
the forums to see if it has already been solved of course.

Barry Nichols

A bit of addition in sense of correction here. 11.1 had no problems, all that was with KDE4, which was not mature enough that time. If you came across 11.1 gnome or KDE3.5 or xfce. That were quite stable release with 11.1. Just KDE4.0 was not stable at the time of 11.1 release, and the worse was that 11.1 came with KDE4.0 with default not KDE3.5.

But KDE4 is quite mature, stable and functional now. And we can see all that in 11.2.
openSUSE rocks.

Welcome to the forum.:wink: