Hello & Leap 42.3

Just wanted to say Hello - I’m not a new SUSE user but haven’t been around much for years. I’ve been using Linux since the mid 1990’s and thought I’d give openSUSE leap 42.3 a go. So far it’s very nice and polished. I may have found a home :slight_smile:
Using kde Plasma 5 DE and loving it so far. no major glitches.

Thanks to all who worked on this release. :wink:


Welcome back. I had a bit of trouble with 42.2 but, yes, the 42.3 is having a good run.

+1 42.3 is definitely better than 42.2


So far, I have not gone deep into 42.3, just got around to installing it a couple days ago on one of my Acer laptops.

I have yet to have the time to get back in there and start setting it up, then working on it.

I have been running 42.2 on one of my Asus laptops (one of my two main, or preferred, machines), installed with Xfce Desktop and Lightdm.

It installed smooth and so far is running without any issues. I also have 42.1 on some machines (and on friends’ and associates’ machines) running with very few issues, will have to get them moved up soon as I can, though.

Hope you will find your home in openSUSE and on these forums. Great people here.

Thanks for the welcome and so far 42.3 is working great for me. on my Lenovo Laptop.

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