Hello,Im new to Suse

I have just installed x64 11.1 and I am immpressed.I like the KDE Desktop overall with Suse.I had no problems with installation,but had a problem getting my DVB card to work.I installed the libxine 1 and plugins also the xine Divx Xvid plugins and problem solved.Kaffeine works brilliantly now.All my Hardware has been detected and configured.My Hardware is-Gigabyte MA770 DS3 AM2+,AMD 6000+x64@dual 3.1.4 gig Ram @ ddr2- 800.3xHitachi 250 g HDD Sata2.ATI 3870 HDMI Radeon from Powercolour.LG 19 inch WXGA Dvi.Avermedia Super 007 DVB Card.The system is a new build and have just migrated from XP x64.No dual booting involved either.So big thanks to the Suse crew and I hope my Hardware specs can help someone considering a new build.btw,All legacy and IDE is disabled in Bios and the System is fully Sata controlled.

Great to hear another happy camper! :slight_smile: Have you had any previous Linux experience?

Hi! Welcome to the forums, and welcome to openSUSE. I’m glad to hear that your first experience was such a positive one. Not everyone has such a seamless transit, but that’s what all these great folks are here to help with. :wink:

Thanks for the welcome,I did have an earlier play with BSD, Suse about 1998-99.I managed to get sound working and that was it.I also had a play with Mandrake when that was launched,but sadly it was still a nogo area.My biggest problems have always been having uptodate hardware,wireless.ect.They always seemed the stumbling block for any Linux Distro.I never even maanaged to get online until now.Then I decided to look again just before Xmas.I downloaded Linux Mint 5 x64 and installed the live cd.Iwas astounded by how far Linux had come on these last few years.I thought WOW now there realy is an alternative to Mac and MS.So anyway I played with Mint and loved it,but I never forgot Suse,so I downloaded v11 x64.I couldnt get DVB working so put mint back on.Then I downloaded 11.1 x64,installed it this afternoon and the rest is history.I know one thing for sure,I have dumped XP now for good.Theres nothing like pure unadulterated Freedom,and I feel free,No longer having to buy 3 Party Software,griping about crap Drivers and Software,Explorer lockups,DRM telling me I cant play a CD or DVD I purchased.No more Anti Virus,Spyware,Trojans,Worms,not even a Firewall in sight.Nothing gets onto my System now unless I install it and I run it.That for me is Freedom and Privacy Protected.I think I could say with all confidence that Linux has come of age.

Now the steep learning curve shall begin,been a Windows user since 3.11 and Dos 6.2 through to x64 XP and Vista,including also 2 Apple MacsIts going to be like learning to use a Computer all over again as far as Linux is concerned,but it will be fun too.I look forward to every moment.

Welcome to openSUSE.

Here are some basic openSUSE concepts you may find of use.
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All Linux distributions have the occasional bug, and openSUSE-11.1 is no exception. So if you get stumped, it may be a bug and not you. Typically it takes a new release a couple months to settle down, with annoying bug fixes corrected by then. So in such a case of your encountering a problem, start a new thread with the problem summarized in the title, and one of the users on this forum are sure to jump in and try help.

Will do,thanks.

Welcome aboard bluesmona. I keep coming back here to OpenSuse. The forums are a godsend for those hiccups mentioned by oldcpu. As is truly the custom, I will not bag another distro. Clem and the gang that manage LinuxMint have probably the best home user desktop distro going around. A wonderful peace of work and a great community. I hope no one feels bad about me saying so. OpenSuSE is a powerhouse distro in a different league to Mint.

I hope you enjoy the distro and the gang!