Hello im new on forum and new with OpenSuse

This is basicly a hi treadh, but i probly talk also loosly about problems and so here too.
I do reading in the newbie part of forum to. But the terms here are so difrent and hard. Probly coz english is not my maine language and that i have used windows for 15 years. And my OpenSuse is in Norwegian :slight_smile:

Today i actuly learned litle about using the terminal and found pci devices like my network cards. (who have desided to be problematic) with help from one sticky in network section.

weird thing is that both cabel and wireless has worked perfectly. but yeaster day wireless desided to not work. (im not finished reading about wireless problems from others want to look there litle more) i know my card name, finds yast2 place for it. and finds two settings for wireless one without driver one with. but cant remove the one without driver. but i look more into it.

if i look rambling here :stuck_out_tongue: it can be right coz i got 1000 things on my mind about opensuse. so difrent for me.
even just instaling programs are strange to me.

basic general tips is always welcome. i do read in the newbie section too. but i seem to be to newbie for that section. lol
coz when it says this and that on sumthing. i dont know how to geet there lol. i belewe practis and try is the way.

best thing is that i acctuly did manage to instal opensuse without messing vista. and both are working all files in place :slight_smile:

oki i stop now. geeting much here and its stil just hi treadh.

oh maby i tell more about me.
im 36 year old mecanic (writen like that?) lol not so good to write english. (sorry)
can be unpatian. and when learning maby probly need bit step buy step.

oh one thing, i got a friend at work who also play with opensuse, so i can geet inputs in person to. (but dont want to bug him to much, espesaly in xmas)

if intresting my computer
Compaq laptop Presario A900
Wireless : Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001
Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)

2gb ram
1,8 GHz intel sumthing cpu
intel grafic (the instal put in oki driver, seems good without doing anything my self)
180gb sumthing hdd. (with vista recovery on, also put on dvd)
vista partition is on about 108gb or sumthing now.


To me, this forum and others like it that bring people together from all around the world is one of the best things about Linux and the Open Source initiative. I’d continue to return to these forums to learn about others in the world even if I quit using Linux, which isn’t likely. Thanks for speaking up and telling us a little about yourself.

You’ve come far by yourself with Linux, installing a dual-boot system and getting it to work. I think you’re now asking for help with wireless, but not completely clear. Focus on one problem, if you have one, in the correct forum, be as specific as you can, describing what’s wrong, etc. and stand by for help.

Nice to meet you and good luck!

Welcome to the openSUSE forum:)

You should find all the help you need here. We try our best

These might interest you:
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you are very smart to read in the forum and new guy stickies…that
puts you above a lot of folks who come here…i predict you will do

you are always welcome here, but for your info there is a pretty
active channel on IRC you might find helpful: opensuse-nordic

and, i know there are several very active Linux User Groups in
Denmark, i guess must be in Norway also…see if any of these lead you
to nearby help—NOT that you can’t stay right here, but i know
sometimes the lingo will get in the way:


oh, and Glædelig Jul!


You’re a man of many talents, palladium… Or maybe just know where google translate is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hillebilly; your system is plenty powerful enough to run SUSE nicely… One of the nice things about Linux is that it is less demanding on the hardware than Windows, so it’s great for putting new life into older computers.

Your wireless problems would probably be better served in their own thread - keep reading the stickies and searching, and post a thread if you get stuck. Personally, I’ve had a lot more luck getting ‘wicd’ to work than network manager.

And you are right - practise is the way. Just use SUSE for what you can fairly easily use SUSE for, and don’t expect to suddenly replace Vista - sooner or later, it’ll all seem familiar.

You would say; “I’m a 36 year old mechanic”. But don’t worry - your English is easily good enough to understand.

Welcome to the forum!

Ty folks :slight_smile:
The wireless issue was just on my mind, i will make a propper treadh in right section about it. from what i read there it seems sliktly difrent from others. i just “hate” to ask sumthing and then find a treadh with exactly the same issue with answeres…

I dont expect opensuse to completly take over for vista today. but maby in a year or two. coz frankly vista is killing this laptop runing att temps up to 97 degrees celcius:O (coz of over use of cpu)

97 degrees celcius
WOW. Mine never gets over 50℃

Vista really does SuCk:O

it does. my desktop with XP idle on 40 celsius and climb to 44 celsius with grafikk and 3dgames.

curius lol whers the litle dot u have before the C :stuck_out_tongue:

This app


50 ̊C

think i got it :stuck_out_tongue: lol ty

ty i found that. just need to look and see. i seem to mess that lol

edit: oki lol was bit easier than i first tought.

Welcome to the forum, Hillebilly!

Morn hillebilly! Hyggelig å treffe deg.
Hvordan har du det?

Welcome Hillebilly.
Have a lot of fun. Hope we can help you to enjoy OpenSUSE to a max.

> You’re a man of many talents, palladium…

correct, you have no idea… :wink:

> Or maybe just know where google translate is. :stuck_out_tongue:

eller, jeg bor i danmark
(or, i live in Denmark)



Danmark er fint :wink: rimlig og god øl :stuck_out_tongue:

christmas here is crazyso much snow, and media is going crazy calling it caos.
but it is no caos just media that are borred and want to write sumthing.

worst is ofc shuffling snow. but not so bad.
i like winter and snow. good to drive and snow is pretty. hope it geets colder so it stays like this.

next week i have to clear more snow att home. Here in Oslo its all oki. parking spaces stil difikult but thats just charm of winter.

vinter = kaos og øl!


That’s cheating. :slight_smile:

No its not cheating. Google translator be cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

been away long now. so much work.

:slight_smile: its 2010 now woohoo