Heeellloo..SuSe people..where are u?

hi…just joined this thingy a wile ago…m about to switch 2 Linux…openSUSE actually …frm windows.:.jst wanted sum feedback on how good it is compared to windows…ohh…and i knw squat abt linux so thea…:shame:…anyways…droppin by to say hi…and one question…where are u and what time is the thea??
…m currently in germany and the time is 9:20am
see ya all

Welcome to our forum.

You can find openSUSE users in various locations on the web: Communicate - openSUSE

Some basic openSUSE concepts you might find useful to read: Concepts - openSUSE

Some new user installation things to know: NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

You will find that Linux is NOT like windows: Linux is NOT Windows


Hello and have fun with openSUSE!!:wink:

There are Opensuse users all over the world. I’m in Alabama, which is on GMT - 6. (Central Daylight Time.)

Welcome to Opensuse!

There is a difference in how each of the OS operates. You will notice it pretty shortly after you start configuring and dealing with things yourself. For beginners, try to get every single thing on your desktop/laptop to work, test your webcam, test headphones, sound … There could be a sound issue(Especially with 11.1), Test your 3D effects. (Compiz) and then decide for yourself, which one you like better(I meant, after all this is working properly.) If you are adventurous I’m pretty sure you will like openSUSE a lot. I promise you, in a matter of fact.

Have fun. The community is always here, very reliable. There’s people that know so much about Linux, a solution is found in 99% of the cases.

Just to remind you, it really doesn’t make a big difference, but I see you speak English well… Just try to keep it clean and be as clear as possible. Try not to abbreviate, since there are people that are missing a couple of English lessons and might not understand you when you talk in such a “chatty” way. Thanks.


hey thankss for all the replies…this openSUSE is starting to look more and more like a good idea…hmmm…i think i know where to go if i need help…and believe me,with trying to set up openSUSE as a server for windows clients, i WILL NEED HELP…thanks aganin guys…umm and girls…
Vinaka (Fijian for Thank You)

You’ll learn a lot here - I have already. :slight_smile:

Piece of advice - wasn’t asked for, but hey, it’s free. :wink:

If you go for KDE, as soon as you’ve got your system booting stably, upgrade to 4.2. It’s just plain better.

ETA: Oh, and the time at the third pip will be 2:45 PM, Greenwich Mean Time!

Confuseling wrote:

> You’ll learn a lot here - I have already. :slight_smile:
> Piece of advice - wasn’t asked for, but hey, it’s free. :wink:
> If you go for KDE, as soon as you’ve got your system booting stably,
> upgrade to 4.2. It’s just plain better.

Sorry, but it depends on the level of reliability you’re after. I like 4.2.1
but I get annoyed by the bugginess of some applications. For instance, in
the previous sentence “bugginess” is underlined as a spelling error but if I
right-click on it the previous words are highlighted instead of “bugginess”.

Some are happy with File manager Dolphin but I need a feature that it
doesn’t have. So I try Konqueror 4 but that’s a mess and can occasionally be
downright dangerous.

If you want to play safe, I’d suggest you stick to 3.5, which may not be as
pretty as 4.2 but is more reliable. Hopefully, all will be fixed with KDE4.3
in 11.2.

Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks., UK. E-mail: newsman not newsboy


I know this is personal opinion, but I personally agree with Graham. :slight_smile:

Of course, even with 3.5, you can experience some weirdness. I’m running 11.1 with 3.5 on my company laptop, and some programs leave stale graphics on the screen when they close. (Some leave stale graphics on the entire screen!) I’ve just learned to hold the left mouse button and “swipe” over the entire desktop to get my wallpaper and icons back. I do it without thinking now …

Point conceded re 3.5 - I was talking about 4.2 as compared to the 4.something that 11.1 ships with, but failed to make that clear.

I also think, and this might be contentious but I suspect there’s a grain of truth in it, that some of the complaints about 4.x stem from functionality that isn’t outright missing, but implemented differently than the way veteran users expect - obviously not a consideration for a new user.

OK…umm which 1 shoukd i use then as a desktop manager or whatever its called :shame:…or which would be easier to use for a newbie like me…? Gnome or KDE 4.1?:\

Well, I prefer Gnome and some prefer KDE. You can run applications from either one in both desktops. Personally I don’t think KDE 4 is quite usable yet. Too may annoyances still for me.

Welcome to openSuse. :slight_smile:

How big is your harddrive? Unless you’re pushed for space, or using solid state (and thereby limited writes), I’d install both Gnome and KDE 4.2.1…

Get the Live CD and play with it for a while before you install it. You can become familiar with SUSE and not make any changes to your system that way. There is no better operating system in the world than OpenSUSE.
Have a lot of fun! I have.