Heartbeat gui subpackage

I cannot find the heartbeat-gui package for OpenSUSE 11.0.

The Linux-HA project’s RPMS, which include it, are supposedly built for SuSE but fail to install, missing dependencies among other things libgnutls.so.12, which 11.0 does not seem to have.

I saw notes that the heartbeat-gui subpackage was “split off” from the other heartbeat packages. This led me to believe that if I built the heartbeat-2.1.3-19.1.src.rpm that this package would be built separately from the other packages.

It was not. No heartbeat-gui rpm was built.

If it was “split off”, where exactly was it “split off” to? How do I obtain the rest of it? For that matter, why was this done?

heartbeat v2 is very elegant but virtually useless without the GUI; the mere idea of using it without the GUI is ludicrous. I can’t look at the state of a value in an XML file to tell if something is currently working.

Unfortunately my replicated iSCSI server project seems to be turning into a cruel joke. First a kernel update breaks DRBD, then iSCSI will not stop its processes and release locks on resources, now I simply cannot find the GUI for controlling and monitoring heartbeat.

Can someone help me please?

Opps, replying to my own. Apologies, I was not aware of the heartbeat/pacemaker split.

Never mind, sorry to bother.

It appears the necessary components of Heartbeat are included in Pacemaker. In Yast2 Software Manager, install Pacemaker then search for Pacemaker-mgmt which will yield two packages. Install both. Subsequent attempts to install any Heartbeat components will necessitate removing all of Pacemaker and some of its components. The H-A site warned of this.

This system is decidedly not user friendly. However, I was delighted to see the GUI in Applications>System>Configuration>Pacemaker GUI, and further delighte when it actually appeared on the desktop!

Further investigation at the H-A site indicates much work in set up. The documentation is also confusing due to the overlap of Heartbeat plus the fact it was written with presumed prior experience.

I am confident the answers are there for the determined. I am working on this now so feel free to email. I am a newb so do not expect much, yet I have learned that simply reading a question has at least pointed me in the right direction, if not directly answering my question within the story.