Heads up on Firefox4

If you have been using the Firefox4 beta
Be careful because it’s progression has it recognised as Firefox proper. Which means it will update your Firefox3 to v.4
That will probably leave you with most of your extensions not working.
I held off for now on this machine. I’ll look at later on my Sandbox. But that’s running 11.4, so everything I do there will be Factory.

imo, b4 is nothing worth

I think, its not bad after all:
Firefox 4 beta 4 features hardware acceleration … but will be off by default | ZDNet

I’m well with Firefox 3.6.6

Its still unusable.
Try export MOZ_ACCELERATED=11;firefox
Above 1 Gb on 2 tabs.

On my system FF outperforms Windows build with hw accel.
I really dont understand the way of development Mozz choose for FF4 :frowning:

Electrolysis stripped :frowning:

Agree, that FF4 has changed the strategy for Linux and Windows. Even FF4(betas) on Windows are far far better than FF4(betas) on Linux. I don’t understand this strategy from Mozz… Is it, that they want to attract large user base rather than stick to 2% Linux users. I think so.