Headphones sound problem

Hello, i have a problem with my opensuse 13.2. I have sound on laptop speakers but not on my headphones. I don’t know why but i do know that this happened when i switched packages from official repo to packman repository. I have tried switching my laptop off and on but that didn’t work so don’t ask me to do that :P. Thanks :slight_smile:

Forgot to add that i have Asus x550c

Check to see if the volume control for the headphones is set above 0 and not muted.

If you have not, install pavolcontrol it will truly help you control and manage your sound.

I note in linlap for the x550c this page: http://www.linlap.com/asus_x550ca where there is a statement:

Occasionally, sound will fail to output through the headphone jack (at least, in Ubuntu 14.04) though continues to work through the speakers. Rebooting into Windows and back into Ubuntu again resolves it temporarily. The cause of this problem is unknown.

That does not mean necessary that your laptop has the same problem.

I think gogalthorp gave some good advice. You may need to install ‘pavucontrol’ if not already installed. pavucontrol provides the capability to selectively output audio from any application to any output device.

If you wish a further detailed look at your laptop’s audio configuration, then in a konsole/xterm, with laptop connected to the internet, as a regular user type the command:


and select the SHARE/UPLOAD option and let the script run to completion. That script will upload your PC’s audio configuration to an alsa site, and in the xterm/konsole provide you the link where the information was uplaoded to. Please post that link here and we can check the laptop’s mixer configuration.