Headphones Do Not Work

System - openSUSE 11.2 “Emerald” KDE + gnome base

Hardware - logitech usb headphones with mik

I had a similar problem when using xp. Whenever the headphones were plugged in, the logitech desktop speakers would not work, now the problem is in reverse. Sound comes through the desktop speakers just fine, but the headphones do not play sound for nothing.

In the sound mixer kmix - check the channels are enabled for the headphones and that the volume is not muted or low.

Please take a look at this URL:
USB headphones - openSUSE

Note typically when head sets are plugged , the proper behaviour IS for speakers to be muted.

The headphones started working right away, thank you. Is there a way to make both devices work at the same time?

Possibly with a custom .asoundrc file, but that is beyond my experience.