Headphones Aren't Recognized

Hi guys,

just having a bit of trouble with my sound. When I plug in my headphones the sound continues to come out of my speakers. When I run ALSAmixer I only have master and PCM. If there is help, I would greatly appreciate them.

Edit the channels in the mixer and check the headphones

This is just for illustration, check them all and see which works. Fiddle.

I’ve been through every single channel, When playing through oss and alsa I get the following “audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.” - don’t know if thats going to help. PS. nice bacckground caf

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Not sure where to go with the sound

By an chance, are you having USB headphones?

Of course I’m not, I have never heard of such things except in headset. These are just normal bose headphones :\

It seems like your sound is working. My bet is on a setting not quite right.

mine works just like yours…always has…

but, since i saw your question i did a google on:
speaker mute with headphone plug linux

and found LOTS of folks in the same situation…read just a few and
think i now know that some computers perform the mute with a
built-in hardware switch which senses the headphones being plugged
in and mutes the speakers…

and some computers do the mute with software (via a driver specially
crafted for THAT machine and its sound system)…

now, we all know that MicroS0ft works very closely with manufacturers
to develop drivers specific to their hardware…unfortunately, being
the bully they are they don’t share with the world the secrets of the
driver, and the manufacturers often do not work with Linux developers
(because that angers MS, and soon they can’t sell hardware because
everyone wants their speakers to mute…)

so, until that changes you can only HOPE your next machine has a built
in hardware switch…OR, that some future Linux driver will add a
section in your Kmix or gnome-volume-control to set the software
sensor to mute when headphones are detected…

not happy, right? so complain to your country’s governmental agency
which is in the business of protecting consumer rights (M$ has already
been tried and convicted for its bully practices–and, imo they need
several more million dollar fines to pay…)

/( )

In my laptop sound chipset, with snd-hda-intel driver, headphones work as expected but if I suspend and resume the audio reverts to the speakers. If I restart the sound driver through YAST (don’t know the command line way) if works again.