hdmi link to Large Screen

So… my laptop wasn’t happy coupling to a large screen which I needed to demonstrate something. I played around with the settings - especially on the compositor - and I did something it didn’t like: when plugged in my screen resolution changed, didn’t fill the laptop display and I couldn’t call up the task bar on the side of the screen to amend any settings. I may be wrong, but when the laptop is not plugged into to a screen I can’t change the settings to what they were - the laptop is fine when not plugged in. My issue is that (and I may be wrong) I can only change the settings for the hdmi link when the laptop is plugged in but when it is plugged in I can’t change the settings because the laptop doesn’t work the way it should. Sorry, if this isn’t clear. By the way, I could find a cursor on the peripheral screen so couldn’t get any help there either.

So, my question is can I reset the monitor settings back to their default and then I can try the whole thing again? Is there a reset button for this?

Running KDE Plasma.

Remove the configuration file(s) in ~/.local/share/kscreen

rm -r ~/.local/share/kscreen

…and don’t forget to restart your graphical session for it to take effect eg CTRL+ALT+Backspace (twice)

Thanks, but no such file there…

Please confirm that the kscreen config directory is empty with commands and output enclosed within CODE tags (refer to the ‘#’ button in the editor)

ls -l ~/.local/share/ksreen/

If it is indeed empty then it is not a desktop configuration issue, but related to your hardware perhaps.

Compare ‘xrandr’ output with external display attached and not attached. More information about your graphics card and driver would be useful too

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --gfxcard