hdmi doesn't work

I connect my laptop to my TV with a hdmi cable but the tv says “no signal”.
What can i do?
I think that it would be automatic.
Do I need to configure anything else?

Bump… I’d like to learn the fix also.

jcslahoz please tell us the model and brand of laptop that you are using. Does your laptop have a DVI or HDMI connector on it? You can not connect a VGA connector from the laptop to an HDMI connector on the TV and get it to work.

On the Laptop, you need to turn on the compatible monitor output or you need to reboot the computer while the TV is turned on and set for the HDMI input your computer is connected to.

Finally, if you are using openSUSE, with the TV turned on and set to the correct HDMI input, go to your openSUSE menu, personnel settings, computer administration, display, size & orientation and see if your TV and internal monitor are both listed. If the TV is present, it may be disabled. If it is disabled, you need to enable it.

Thank You,

This advice + the following if your graphics card is Nvidia.
Run the nvidia-settings to set up the second display (that is, TV).