HDMI audio with Intel driver

I have 13.1 x64 KDE and use intel’s onboard graphics card. Cannot get HDMI audio working properly.

In Audio Setup (Desktop configuration) Device preferences I see a couple of “Built-in Audio HDMI Stereo” entries and in “Audio Hardware Setup” tab there are a couple of “Digital Stereo (HDMI) Ouput” profiles. Piano test plays through HDMI on all devices, including “Build In Analog Audio Stereo” but speaker test (Front Left - Front Right) doesn’t play anything at all in any profile, not even through connected speakers. There’s no sound when playing flash/youtube either through HDMI or speakers.

In Smplayer General-Audio preferences I can select several Alsa drivers but only “alsa (0.7 - HDA Intel MID)” plays, through HDMI, none of other drivers outputs any sound at all, not even through speakers. There are lots of other drivers to choose from there but I stick with alsa variants because that works perfectly on my other machine.

In YAST Control Center - Sound there are two entries for Intel Corporation in “Card Model” and driver is shown as “snd-hda-intel” for both, one is soundcard 0 and the other is soundcard 1. 1 plays test sound (through speakers) but 0 doesn’t.

What I want to achieve is selecting whether to play sound through HDMI when connected to a TV or through speakers when connected to a monitor, and flash complying with the rest of the setup.

ok may want to install the pulse volume control this allows matching programs to output/input devices. the

pavucontrol package from yast (serach for pulse)

If you want the HDMI device to be the default change the position in yast ie make HDMI first

So far I’ve been trying to keep my set up as close to default as possible, I can try pulse volume control, of course, but could you explain what it does differently from “Phonon” or whatever it’s called? If later on something goes wrong again and I have a non-standard setup AND have no idea what exactly I changed and why it would create only more problems.

If you want the HDMI device to be the default change the position in yast ie make HDMI first

Nope, I don’t want audio through HDMI to be default, but, more importantly, Yast doesn’t show distinction between two “card models”, I don’t know which one is HDMI and which one is the usual audio output. I guess I could find out but wouldn’t it stop flash form playing through speakers?

I have a notebook with 12.3 which I constantly plug and unplug from the TV and, as far as I remember, the usual KDE configuration tools have always been enough to force sound play either through speakers of HDMI.

Try pavucontrol it may be come clearer.

With this you can control the volume and the device for each program. So you can set different programs to different output/input devices each with it own sound level

Do you have any speakers hooked to the Intel device? You say the test sound works for the HDMI right?

You also might like veromix it lives in the system tray and though not as complete as pavucontrol it is handy, Works well for me any how.

Phonon is the KDE sound package. You may need to fiddle with its setting also. You will find in Configure Desktop

Finally got to play with TV, pavucontrol and veromix again. Works as advertised, thanks.

Just in case someone else needs it, to get veromix I subscribed to opensSUSE BuildService KDE:Extra repo (in Add - Community repositories in Yast). Veromix is a plasma widget so it needs to be added to the panel manually.