HDD temperature control?

There is a question, i’d like to ask: is there any decent program to monitor HDD temperature for linux? WHy are they so few? Suse Install repositories do not show any that could be installed. I used to use hddtemp on my previous 11.2 gnome installation, but it seems now something gone wrong, and i cant get this program anymore through: “sudo apt-get install hddtemp” and receive “sudo: apt-get: command not found”, so as i am a newbie i can barely guess what is wrong. maybe there are any other programs to get this thing running. Its really puzzling because every laptop user need such tool badly, and i do not understand why is there so many monitor tools for cpu temperature and not a single good for hard drive which is far more important than cpu temperature, that rises and drops constantly as soon as your fans are fine???

apt is a debian package manager


zypper in <packagename>

or Yast - Software management

As caf4926 openSUSE uses zypper or YaST installer. You can also search
for software here;

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