HDD Power Management

Hello, I’ve got a couple of questions… (using suse 11 and kde4.1)

I’m trying to manage my HDD’s. I want my system drive on all the time, my data and media drives to power down after ~10 min, and I have a couple of other drives in my system w/ other OS’s on them, and I don’t want those to ever be spun up when I’m using suse.

so, 1st, there is nothing about power management in yast. I’m using KDE 4.1 which has powerdevil, so does that remove the power management settings from yast, or should I still see something in yast?

2nd, I’m just starting w/ powering off my xp drive. I’ll deal w/ the rest later. I tried setting a timeout w/ hdparm. It doesn’t time out. I read that some drives have a minimum, so I tried from 5 seconds, up to 10 minutes. Never times out (i’m checking w/ -C) I set it to standby (-y) and it spins back up after a while. I’m trying sleep now (-Y). What would cause a drive that isn’t mounted to spin back up? That doesn’t give me hope of keeping my mounted data drives asleep.

And, 3rd I’m getting lazy in my old age and prefer computing w/ one hand on my mouse while I lounge and drink a beverage w/ the other hand :).(my mouse does have a lot of buttons) Is there a GUI for more advanced power management like this?

Thanks! I’m on month 3 of using linux, and love it! This is the first issue I haven’t been able to solve myself.

ARG and the suspend or sleep mode (hdparm -Y) isn’t working either. I just heard that drive spin up :frowning:

Can’t really answer your question. My external WD USB drive spins down all on it’s own.

I found this in the Howto section
Disk Power Management - openSUSE