HDD partitions are not readable

I am new in linux. I installed the OpenSuse 11.0 in my system, after running updated when i restart my system i saw “Error 5” message on screen and when i put the installation dvd again i found a new problem only boot partition of 70MB can be used and other HDD partitions are not readable. I have two 700GB HDD in mirror. Can anyone help me in this matter. So i can get the full HDD space

what does fdisk -l tell you? How were the drives mirrored? Were you using LVM? Details please.

well when i saw the message GRUB Loading… Error 5 on a black screen i used the auto try option. nothing happens. then i try to reinstall.then at initial setup i got the message disk partitions not readable. and it showed me only 70.8MB root portion and 0.0 MB swap portion.

fdisk -l i cant use because i cant get to any screen.
HDD are physicaly mirror through jumpers

and it was not on LVM setting

what do you mean “By jumpers” That is not a method of mirroring. Is it possible that you changing the jumpers caused this issue?

Also, you can boot from a CD or DVD and run fdisk.

Are you using some sort of RAID controller?

no its not the raid controller. anyway thanks alot i used DVD to run fdisk now its fixed