HD Space on Opensuse11

The issue is that I installed Opensuse11 yesterday on two “low level” formated Hard Drive and when the system first started I saw that on system properties :


So has you can see there’s 3.2giga; 14.3giga and 1.7giga used on the different partition of my master HD (400giga)! Where has all this space go??

PS: sorry for bad english…

If I understand what your asking you created 3 partitions for Music, videos and something else. (can’t read picture, sorry) But are wondering why it only says 2,3, and 14GB. If so the answer is that they are much larger (look to the left more) but your currently only using that much space. If this is not what your asking, then sorry that I didn’t understand.

No the things is that I’ve juste created the partition! I haven’t put anything on it and it says that it has already occuped space :confused:

I was on Ubuntu8.04 previously and never has such a issue…

Any idea??

What do you see when you look on the partitions?

Looks like the file system is occupying bout 5% for root use. Try

tune2fs -l partition

(with “partition” replaced by the actual partition, like /dev/hda5). But don’t do this on the root partition.

I think if you open a konsole, and with root permissions type:
fdisk -l
it should show you where all your hard drive space is located. Note that is a small “L” and not a “1” (one).

Please, next time, do NOT link to such a large image.

Please link to a thumbnail image instead.

Allright that is working “tune2fs -l partition” : it says that there’s restricted space for the system!

how to remove it??

If I find the way to copy my console I’ll show you the infos…

tune2fs -m 0 partition

It has work! Thank you very much :wink: