HD recognised in BIOS but not Booting

I have two HDs (SATA not SSDs)… recently upgraded to a new ASUS TUF motherboard and CPU etc. first my 1TB hd stopped booting in a few days… it had windows… so i thought maybe HD is faulty as the other 2 TB was working fine which had TW, which i mainly use. Now after a few months, this also refuses to boot…

As i was replacing the cables and switching slots, found that now both of them are detected at the bios level but none of them is booting… i ran TW setup from the pen drive to try a new installation and somehow it reads only the 1TB disc without any partition info… so if formatted, i can install TW on it and windows gone…

However i am wondering why this 2TB just refuses to show up during the setup which has all my data… when it shows up fine in BIOS. Any suggestions on what is going on here and how to make this HD usable?

You have not provided much useful information. That pretty much leaves us with only guessing.

The output from:

fdisk -l

or from

parted -l

might give us some hints.

It is possible that your hard drive has gone bad. I have had that happen.

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none of these commands show the drive… also, while booting from pen drive, it repeatedly shows errors… softreset failed… device not ready

I think you are the one to repair the hardware.

… but you didn’t show the results, in here, of the commands as requested …

Seems like the drive needs replacement… tested it on another PC… doesn’t work… thank you for your responses.