HD problems on boot...

Anyone know what could be causing this problem? It only happens sometimes when I boot into suse, but this is the output:

ata3: link is slow to respond
ata3: SRST failed (errno=-16)

And both of my hard drives are successfully detected in my bios.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is not much here for us to go on, we have no idea of the details of your setup and installation.

Please open a terminal and go su and do:

fdisk -l

The contents of
would be helpful too

If you can give any indication of what is what from the output - that would be good.

Sorry for the unclear question, I am very new to using linux.

I am running suse 11.1 (64 bit) with kde 4 on a core 2 duo 2.6ghz, nvidia 8800gtx, 2 sata hd’s and 2gb’s of ram.

The output that I posted originally is what it is displayed behind the openSUSE splash screen. I noticed that it was taking a particularly long time to boot, so I hit ESC to check it out.

I will post the fdisk and etc/fstab info when i get to my computer at home.

Thanks in advance.

I do have the same problem, running Suse 11.1, after kernel update for running virtualbox i got the described problem.

ata3 link is slow to respond, srst failed.

The strange thing about it, is that it does not happen everytime. Sometimes the boot process works and i can use my cdrom.

Any Idea? Probably a sata patch for the kernel?