hd camcorder

What hd camcorder and software works best with SUSE?

I have a Sony HDR-CX110 camcorder, and I use Kdenlive for editing and rendering. It also can transcode the AVCHD clips to something it can handle better; I use DNxHD but be prepared for clips about ten times bigger in size. For 20 GiB of AVCHD files you’ll need at least 200GiB free space, probably more. You’ll want to have a lot of free space for those temporary trancoded files. I render to H264 Mp4 videos, since those can have a video rate of only 10Mb/s and still look nice. That’s so I can keep the videos small enough to back up on single layer DVD+R discs.

Whether this is “best”, I’ll let you decide. It works well for me.