Having general problems with my KDE 4.3

Hi Guys,

KDE 4.3 has been really good for me. The only this though, that its starting to become a tad bit unstable for me the more I use it. I mean like firefox would crash when i’m watching youtube. same as opera. the computer would start moving slow for a few seconds.
Its basically the same sort of problems you get when XP has been used for months at a time and hte hard drive is full and what not.

I’m thinking of re-installing the system. now because my bandwidth is kinda low where I am ( like 1.5Mbps), it takes forever to upgrade from KDE 4.1 to KDE 4.3.

Is the milestone stable enough for me to try. If so, where can I download it. Plus, does it boot faster. I have an old PC at the office, old P4 with 4MB onboard video but it boots in 20 seconds running fedora 11 GNOME. I like that even though I hardly reboot it. Does the milestone even come close?:slight_smile:

Just point me in the direction and help the noob out rotfl!

11.2 will be about the same. There’s a couple of things you can do:
Disable the Nepomuk indexer (through Systemsettings - Advanced)

Start with a clean desktop, i.e. remove your old plasma files from your homedir.

ok, I will try that. But do you recommend going to to 11.2 milestone or sticking with 11.1?

No, I don’t recommend it.

Think what may have changed since you upgraded, (I’m assuming it was OK at first?)