Have you ever used kwallet?

Hey folks! This is my first time i try to use kwallet and i need some advice of what kwallet is useful for.

A)I want an application that stores my web passwords … and i think kwallet is designed for that.

B)I want to store my credit cards numbers, bank accounts and other very confidential data. So i have thought that i should try to create a separate wallet for this kind of information and to open and close it after i read my password or pin.
B.1) How kwallet stores that information? Plain text? Perhaps this means that if my laptop is stolen or someone else use it my security data will be stolen.
B.2) Do you recommend kwallet for keeping so much important data?
Thanking you in advance

I use it for a couple of years now From my experience as a simple user:

A) Kwallet is of couse integrated with KDE. That means that Konqueror can retrieve/store passwords (but not FF imho, it has its own mechanism). It also can store the passwords needed by Kmail for attaching to your pop3 server.

B) Never tried to create an extra wallet for myself.
B.1) The information is stored encyipted, but I do not know how. Did you try to find that out on the KDE website?B
B.2) I can only try to give you facts. You are the only one to decide if you want to use ut and for what.

KWallet only stores the input to certain types of field; so it depends on the design of the website but most things can be managed by KWallet.

If you lose your computer, whether anyone can use KWallet will depend on how easy it is to break the password you have used for it.

Then, of course, they have to have sufficient personal details to know on which sites you have used KWallet. So you should have time to change the passwords on key accounts/notify banks etc. if necessary.

Thanks but do you know what type of encryption kwallet uses? Does it save the main password in a plain text file?

Do you recommend it for storing bank accounts?

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Really I recommend to store bank accounts on your head and not on
your PC (you can forget them and loose your PC), but I would encrypt the
/home filesystem too


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It certainly doesn’t use plain text for obvious security reasons; if you want more details on how it works go to Index page • KDE Community Forums

I have used it for pretty well everything including bank details but the design of my bank’s site prevents use of software like KWallet for the most sensitive fields.