have to login evry few minutes

What is going on in the login of this forum.

Eralier when I had one window open and loged in, I gooed start reading a second thread (from the RSS feed) and it would open and be login.

Now the second one is not loged in and when I return to the first it is allso loged out.

I hope I can submit this thread else the whole is unworkable.

Well, clicking on submit for the post oabove, I had to login again.

I am afraid I have to login again adding this post, but I will not report that again (eternal loop :frowning: )

Yes what is up with that I have to relogin after about 5-10 min, then 2 or more tries to get back in, WTF?

I think the designers of KDE-4 also architected these forums.:smiley:

Same thing happens here. This is really pissing me off !

I agree…

Not sure whether it is a case of old cookies…
But since closing down and reopening the browser seems to of gone away. YMMV

This is seriously pissing me off. Is someone gonna fix it???

I read in another post that there was an site sw update that is causing some issues.
As we are all having it (started today?) I suspect they are already working on it.

Hang in there! :wink:


Yes what is up with that I have to relogin after about 5-10 min.

thanks in adv.

We’re aware of an issue with iChain sessions expiring arbitrarily that started sometime yesterday. It’s been reported to the right contacts at Novell.

I have to login every 2 minutes. :confused:

thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

What’s worse is that now it won’t save the thread if you edit / post it but it goes to never-neverland if you get logged out so the obvious resort is to copy the post to clipboard and hope for the best.

Well I seem to have started something that not only me anoys. But will it carry my typo **evry **forever :mad: ??

I am glad they are working on it. We will see.

In the end I hope somebody will make some Howto on how these logins and preferences work. What is in cookies and what not (why not my skin preference and time zone in cookies, so I can read normaly without being loged in).