Have to log in twice after sleep mode (KDE)

oS13.2, 64-bit and KDE 4.4.16.

  1. I don’t suffering (yes I’m lazy), I have learn to live with it. When upgraded (later on a fresh install of 13.2) from 13.1 to 13.2. When I start my main DE with the space bar from sleep(I know I have this function in BIOS from late -90’s PC’s) my first login fails. The second goes trow.

I have been testing to hit the backspace key at the first login try and it doesn’t work.
(if the space bar key is noticed by KDE/login when wake up? In my laptop where there is no support in BIOS and I don’t have the problem).

  1. Is this bug with Num Lock on not remembered when start/restart solved? I noticed both on my main DE and my work Laptop(trow a docking station) it is turned on boot during the week :).

Of course above can depends on my setup of…