Have to click twice to Power Off from Gnome?

Is anyone else having this minor niggle with Tumbleweed? When I go to shutdown in Gnome 3 and get the Cancel/Restart/Power Off dialog then I have to click twice before the computer shuts down. The first click seems not to register at all. The mouse works fine for the rest of the day, it’s only a shutdown.

I’ve never had this happen on my Leap machine. Is this a known bug (that I couldn’t Google)? Is it a bad setting somewhere?


I recently began using Gnome(Wayland) and I do not have your problem.
Of course I always use “zypper dup” and never the “package updater”.

Yes. Everytime. Same behavior on Arch Gnome3.24 on Xorg as well.

Yes, this also happens with Ubuntu-Gnome 17.04. It is probably an upstream Gnome bug.

I seem to recall seeing an openSUSE bug report on this. However, it really needs to be solved upstream by the Gnome developers. Until that happens, get used to clicking twice.

It appears to be Bug 1036681

Cool - thanks for finding that. It looks like the upstream bug has a fix now, so hopefully it’ll be pushed to TW before too long :blush: