Have the forums slowed down?

The forum does not seem to move as fast as it once did. Have they really slowed down that much?

Do you mean response time generally or transaction time e.g. doing a search?

I mean the volume of posting. As in the over all activity.

I have a busted Firefox so I am posting from a box with a very old copy of Mandriva on it.
11.3 is busted right now LOL no Firefox.

I imagine people have fixed their problems and are off putting 11.3 to work. Volume spikes with new releases.

Last few days seem somewhat slower. August is also part of the summer holiday period.

School is back in today here. The wife had students today.

Hello FlameBait,

I only noticed this thread because of the nic … “FlameBait” … that’s just funny! … and from the PRC … So what do you think, “/suse/i” or “/s.u.s.e/i”, as a new non-historically-hindered polically semi-neutral, but never correct, typo-resistent rendition of the name of our favorite os …

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Yes I agree. Many of the problems being posted contain the word 11.3 and those who aren’t/haven’t upgraded to 11.3 can only help generically.

I agree, don’t have 11.3 so limited to posting generalities, and seeing what issues people have with 11.3. What I see about 11.3 tells me not to upgrade or New Install this on my production machines, or testing machines. It will wait till I have an isolated special build machine just for it. Of course, by the time I get such a machine ready, 11.3 will probably be stable and ideally fixed and 11.4 will be barking at the doors.

My problem is my test machine is so old it can’t run KDE 4 very well. I went to 11.3 because 11.1 was end of life in December. I pretty much have things working as well as they did under KDE 3.5. We all know some releases are better than others. It’s just the way it works. I didn’t want to go without security updates. The wife is balking about a new install on her machine.

I woke up because it was HOT. The power had gone out. My UPS didn’t. I guess it’s time for a new one or a new battery. :open_mouth:

My performance machine is my Win gamer and Linux test machine, the older hardware are the servers, internet and email.

11.1 end of life in Dec? Thanks, I’ll wait for the Mar 11.4 to upgrade my 11.1.

I have separate Windows machines. They only exist because Amateur Radio Software is not as plentiful under Linux as it is in the Windows environment. I have a Radio that half of the radio IS the computer and it is currently Windows only. The test Box is a machine running 1.4 Ghz with a GF 6600 and 2 gigs of memory. It’s running Mandriva 2008 (for UrT and NWN) and openSUSE 11.3 32 bit.

It seems when I started this thread the forums were pretty slow but now they seem to be back to the pace I have been accustomed to.

There are a few packages here?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Malcom I am aware of them and that are just scratching the surface of what is out there. There is good software development going on with software difined radios in the Linux community. They all seem to be running Ubuntu :(. A few running openSUSE and Mandriva. I use WSPR and fldigi everyday but the Windows versions. There are quite a few developers that are openly hostile to Open Source and Linux that have Amateur Radio applications. I try and avoid them. The software that runs my Software Defined Radio is Open Source except for the drivers and some custom interface skins. If you want to be using Ham radio apps you are going to have to have a Windows install or two. I use openSUSE Linux for everything else I do.

I run dual moniotors and mice on my SDR machine. One goes through my KVM so I have my radio runing on one monitor and OpenSUSE running on the the other. A foot switch to key the radio and I am good.

If you point me to the ubuntu ones, I can have a go at building them
for you? I’ve built/helped a couple of users in the past for ham radio.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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what does it mean? “busted firefox?”

My current radio isn’t supported by any projects. The list I am on for this development id dttsp-linux and they are using kit built radios. They mostly seem to be on the latest Ubuntu. I know of one running openSUSE and in running the current Mandriva. The existing openSUSE software works but I am not dedicating my soundcard on this radio to fldigi and losing it for everything else. Thanks for the offer.

RichardET how about a two your old copy of firefox with none of my current plugins. I am not on that anymore as I got all my openSUSE application data imported over here on my daily driver. That firefox is pretty busted my book.

This is surprising news!!! The Ham Radio and Amateur radio communities were the first to adopt Linux. There was many that jumped from the UNIX world to Linux back in 1998/99. MS was never even considered so I guess much has changed. I do recall my friend (an avid hammer of over 20yrs) telling me his portable hamset comes built-in with Linux-OS and the PC side software is for Linux but new PC side software is windows only now so he’s looking for a new hamset.

techwiz03 there are plenty of Hams using Linux but we are talking a minority of a minority. Most of the world doesn’t know any better than to run Windows and manufactures are going to support off the shelf computing solutions which means Windows. The maker of my radio is committed to providing a Linux based interface at some point in the future when they can afford it. Windows sucks as a realtime OS and SDRs need a realtime OS. Right now they need to get radios in peoples hands to keep their doors open which means being wedded to Windows. They already have PowerSDR wich is mostly open source and free. The drivers for the firewire interface chips they use are not theirs so it’s not free or open but PowerSDR is open source.

Modern hams are appliance operators so they gravitate towards Windows anyway. The guys that drive Linux ham applications are experimenters. I just want to turn my radio on and have it work so I have a computer solely dedicated to doing that. It means that machine is just for that and nothing else. This machine is actually a better computer in all respects except the Video card. This Linux box is what I do everything else on pretty much. I have been using Linux since 2000 and it’s been my daily use OS for 8 years. I was on Mandrake/Mandriva Linux for a very long time. I switched to openSUSE to stay with KDE 3.5 as long as I could. I am now on KDE 4.4 and except of one thing it’s set up how I want it. I am going to work on that on my test machine before I try it here. This is stable as a big bolder and I like it like that. :smiley:

Was not out to minimize your plight, was just surprised that things appear to have digressed so badly. Haven’t had my gear up for too long to remember.