Have the application pcloud drive for opensuse?

I not found app “pcloud dirve” for opensuse. Have the application pcloud drive for opensuse?
Do you know a good program for linux free storage 10 to 15 GIG?

Use the alien application to transform the deb file, else just extract the deb file, then the data.tar.gz file and run the binary (usr/bin/psyncgui) as your user from the extracted tarball.

Thanks you for help.now running "pCloud Drive "

I surprisingly got this running using alien. I’m on Tumbleweed.
v3.1.1 installed, everything seems to function correctly.
It didn’t work on my Fedora 24 vm though.
I guess pCloud needs more demand from rpm based distro users. Or they just don’t have a developer that’s familiar?
I do like the service overall.
Before Copy shut down service, they were experimenting with something similar to pCloud called “Cuda Drive”.
I did some beta testing on it for a short time, but I don’t think it was ever going to be a public tool. Was being tested for business use.