Have an app created and tar.gz rpm rpm.src rpm.spec what now

I created an app in gambas and it created the tar.gz the .rpm and the .rpm.src & .rpm.spec for the app. How do I submit it to the openSUSE, SLED, or SLES for evaluation and possible inclusion.

My app “resolver” was inspired by YAST.Network problem where the network discovered a bad configuration file, told me to fix it (but didn’t state which file was bad) then immediately looped to recheck, re-issue message, and loop forever until kill Yast.

So my app shows a list of settings groups, files associated with the groups, and common commands that can be used to gather info. As you progress through you can see up to 8 files & output from a command so as to find the offending file and value. You may then copy paste to forums for help, or go directly to editing outside of my program to fix the problem.

any comments?:\

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