Hauppauge 1600

Long time Opensuse user.

Need help on Hauppauge 1600 card. Card is installed and works fine for digital. However, for analog, the only way I can get it to work is to first boot into windows, run wintv and tune the card to analog set top box channel 4. Then I can reboot into Opensuse (no shutdown, just restart) and the card will work fine for analog until I shutdown again. Then I again have to boot into Windows first. The card works fine for digital either way. Driver problem or firmware problem? Running 11.3 presently with plans for upgrade to 11.4 next week.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help on this. After many hours I have given up.

Well, guess I did not give up after all. I disconnected the coax from the analog input and hooked it up with s-video, reconfigured mythtv for new input, and NOW IT WORKS perfectly. Hope this helps someone somewhere.