Haswell integrated graphics and resolution problems

Hi! I recently clean installed openSUSE 12.3. But it seems like cannot recognize integrated graphics chipset well.
I currently using 1920x1080@60Hz monitor by hdmi, and in system informations suse recognizes monitor resolution correctly.
So I think there are some problems at graphics driver. (KWin also says ‘you cannot effects using OpenGL’).

I am using Intel Haswell 4770 @ Gigabyte B85M mainboard. I updated openSUSE using default repos.

SUSE Paste

glxinfo | grep render
SUSE Paste

/sbin/lspci -nnk
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SUSE Paste

glxgear prints no message.

rpm -qi xf86-video-intel
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I had similar problems. I upgraded to the latest stable kernel and most things were fixed up. I am currently running 3.10.1 from this repository
Index of /repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard

What is left to fix I think are bios issues with motherboard (ASUS H87M-PRO).