Haskell installation/building

Hello there !

At first,I’m not sure,where to post this question,hope,its ok here !
For using the Xmonad-TilingWM,I have to install/build the Haskell-language.On openSUSE-BUILD,there
are about 48 packages,on another site > Index of /repositories/devel:/languages:/haskell/openSUSE_11.3/x86_64 < some more,but I don’t know,how to work on it.
There also exists a tool,called CABAL(Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries),
may be this will help,to build the language.
But I would prefer,to easily install the GHC(Glasgow Haskell Compiler),is there any chance?
Or how do I build it ?

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I would say install this repo and then the package ghc with either YaST or zypper (zypper in ghc). .rpm packages are already built (unlike src.rpm).

Hi plase_try_again !

Oh,oh,oh !Just installed whole the repo with YAST,but I got some irritating messages during the
procedure !
Or did you mean,just to install only the one ghc-package?I will need several ones from this repo,
I think,for the Xmonad !
At first,there were 2 packages not found,and I was told,to use the “–force”-option (on the CLI
with Zypper ?).
And in the end-sequence,I got some messages with “something out of memory”,can’t believe that !
What went wrong ?

Greetings !


Yes that’s what I meant. It would have installed the others packages it needs but not all - which doesn’t mean that you should not install others, but start with the “main” packages which have the most dependencies. I don’t know this software at all, but I would guess that your zypper in command could probably have not more than 5 or 6 arguments, like:

zypper in ghc something somethingelse...

unlike there are many modules which have to be installed separately. It depends how the maintainer built those packages.

You installed too many packages, including some you don’t need, and 2 of them conflict with others. If you want to do it cleanly, just remove all the packages you installed from that repo and start to install ghc. As for the other packages, if you don’t know what they are, then you don’t need them.

  • get the ID number of that repo with:
zypper lr
  • Let’s say it would be 18 (just an example). List all packages installed from repo 18 with:
zypper pa -iR 18

or just the names in one line:

echo $(zypper pa -iR 18 | awk '!/Repository/ { print $5}' | sort -u | tr "
" " ")
  • If the output of the command above does make sense, replace echo
    with zypper rm. Don’t forget that 18 is an example.

Hello outthere !

Pooh!Mission accomplished!Got GHC and CABAL installed,and then built XMONAD with CABAL (which was my
real intention)!
Also added a new menu-entry to the DE/WM-menu on the login-screen,and…it works!
Xmonad opens up,means,you have a blank screen(default)!Then opened a terminal,from there Krusader and
Firefox,all nicely tiled over whole the screen,perfect!

please_try_again :Thanks!On this new system-setup,I’ve sworn,not to ignore only 1 dependency-issue!
These 3 are marked in the info for the build-repo,which itself is labeled as “succeeded”.Exceptional,
I decided to give it a try!
I will try,to contact the package maintainer,Herbert Graeber,on these issues.

Greetings !