Has Network Manager Changed?

Some time ago I asked about SCPM in 11.3. Turns out it was removed, and the
suggestion is made to use Network Manager.

Some of us are not excited about this, because despite the name Network
Manager did not manage networks - it managed connections. Those of us who
presently use SCPM to choose which NFS fstab entries, which printer, etc
when changing connections want to know whether indeed Network Manager can
indeed now manage networks instead of just connections.

Can someone enlighten us?

Thanks, Bob.

Yes and no. (That should, more-or-less cover it :wink: )

NM has changed, under KDE, or more precisely the client app has changed. The trouble is that it now does what it always did, but now it works, which probably does not meet your requirements. The older version was a somewhat less than optimal (hint!) in the working department, and that could be seen as a disadvantage.

What it does not do, as far as I know is manage, eg, NFS fstab, printers, etc, although I’ll admit it is not the kind of thing that I’ve ever looked for, even though I can envisage the situations in which it would be handy.