Has anyone successfully upgraded from 11.4 ?

I’ve upgraded two systems from openSUSE 11.4 so far, using the x86_64 dvd’s upgrade option.

The first system installed the upgrade but failed to boot, because the new “/boot/grub/menu.lst” file was not created properly. This system boots Linux from its second hard drive, rather than the first, and something in the grub upgrade dropped that critical piece of information. Manual editing and grub-install under rescue mode worked as expected, and the system is up and running openSUSE 12.1.

The second upgrade rand into the missing NVIDIA proprietary driver repository for openSUSE 12.1. However, the primary reason that I had installed Nvidia’s primary drivers on that system was because the nouveau driver on openSUSE 11.4 did not support that system’s hardware, due to a driver bug. Other than this hiccup, the upgrade went smoothly, and I might not need to install the NVIDIA proprietary driver packages once the NVIDIA repository doessupport openSUSE 12.1

openSUSE 12.1 has dropped support form several software packages that I had installed under openSUSE 11.4. Of particular concern to me is the fact that “octave” was dropped in the upgrade process. Another area of concern is that openSUSE 12.1 contains on older, now unsupported release of FVWM (2.5.26); I was expecting FVAM 2.6 to be included.

I ran 2 12.1 updates on the same machine(my test laptop) - once from RC2 to the final version, then on the other partitions with my old, useful 11.4 stuff on them, both using the DVD.

Both ran successfully, with the only minor hiccup being the wireless config - I had to reconfigure a couple of times.

Then (on the old 11.4 partition), I ran apper - it told me I had 5(or so) updates already. Fine, this must be the Firefox 8.0 push that I received on my production 11.4 box (I say to myself); but no, its updates to PackageKit and a couple of other parts of same. Then apper reloads, and says there are 75 more updates. These range from enigmail to extreme-tuxracer to Flash to various fonts I had installed on 11.4.

Why weren’t these installed automatically? Was it the fact that I didn’t have network access for the first 15 minutes after the reboot?

And when do we get the security patches (like Firefox) that have been pushed to 11.4 for 12.1?

On the whole 12.1 is looking great, just a few teething pains.

I just updated from 11.4 to 12.1 using the “zypper dup” method.

100% flawless :slight_smile:

I upgraded from T********d on a machine so old, I have to do incremental upgrades. It is sub-MHz, 512 MB Celeron old. I changed to the “current” repos. After typing zypper dup, I was called away (to the tv) and came back 2 hours later. The upgrade had finished with the new splash screen awaiting me. I had to do 2 reboots to get things settled down, but that was it. Didn’t seem too troublesome to me.

Yes, I had a similar number of packages as listed here. But I was watching some crimes being solved, so I didn’t care.

yes using the DVD and option “upgrade”. It worked well. not even rename .kde4.
Except the nvidia driver that was not yet available.
Only problem for me was the upgrade of postgres to version 9 that is not compatible with my existing version 8 used for my ERP.