Has anyone actually gotten to play quake live in Linux?

Hello all I have just recently gotten into computer gaming (as my PS3 was stolen) and I always really liked quake…to my amazement there is a new “live version” that looks pretty cool…I have followed all the step have the plugin installed but when I go to join a game all’s I get is this View image: snapshot1 if I try to refresh or go back firefox freezes, then when I terminate it goes into debugging mode and I have a hell of a time killing it…so what gives anyone have any ideas? I’m using firefox version 3.6.10 Thanks

I have it going on Ubuntu, I will have a bash at Suse tonight when I get home. What Suse are you using and is it 32bit or 64bit on your PC?

Could you please post your openSUSE version, desktop, 32/64bit?

Ok, been trying for an hour, I am not as hot on Linux knowledge as you folk so will just say what I have done and see if anyone else can get any further.

Suse 11.3 64 bit.

I installed the Quake plugin and got a similar screen to the OP.

I installed Flash from the repos. I still had the same sort of screen as the OP.

I then removed that flash plugin, killed firefox, downloaded the 64 bit beta flash plugin, put it in all the possible mozilla plugin folders i could think of.




Yes, I know, sledgehammer approach, I am not knowledgeable enough of Linux or Suse to do anything without a bangy hammer :slight_smile:

It installed and worked and happily played youtube.

I still however got the same screen as the OP.

I’m on suse 11.3 64 bit edition with the latest desktop kernel installed.

I found a workaround maybe this will help?

First and about the 5th post works. Got to take an additional step to make it work. Thankies for that!

I’ve also found thisCorrupted pk3? though I’ve yet to try it out…will have to wait till I get home tonight