Harnessing Two CPU Boxes

Is there anyway to harness two separate linux boxes and unite the processing somehow? I’m just throwing this out here because I have two computers and one is rarely used. They are both identical hardware with 12.1 openSUSE installs except for one having half the RAM.

Edit: Um, yeah. No. After a quick Google I have found the answers. I wanted it for everyday computing and this is not possible. If anybody has any ideas for what I can do with a spare computer I’d love to hear the suggestions. I need a project :wink:

If you compile/build a lot:
Icecream - openSUSE esp. Icecream - openSUSE

I make use of it in our home network to benefit from my father’s system and build RPMs with 6 jobs (AMD Fusion [2 jobs]; NVidia ION [4 jobs]) >:)